Custom labels to your specification from Internet labels

If you need plain labels of a similar size to one of our stock sizes why not consider changing over to one of our sizes to save money?

Our stock labels are produced in enormous quantities and Internet Labels’ low prices result from the incurred economies of scale. You could still benefit from these big savings by slightly varying your label size. We are happy to send you samples if you are not sure about changing – just test them and see!

However, if the label size you need is not one of our stock sizes and we don’t have a close enough match we can also supply you with custom labels produced to your own size, shape and material (e.g. synthetic labels for specialist applications). 

We don’t just offer plain labels. Internet Labels can supply coloured or pre-printed labels, just complete our custom label enquiry form or use our live chat to discuss your requirement and we will prepare and email you a quote as soon as possible.

Adhesives can also be varied, allowing you several levels of label customisation to match almost all requirements from a special promotion label to stick to your cartons, a peelable adhesive label to identify crockery, allowing the end user to remove the label with little or no residue, or a blood bag compatible synthetic label with special medical grade adhesive.

Custom labels are only available in quantities of 5000 labels or over. Depending on the label size this could be one or several rolls, as long as the total number of labels is at least 5000.

If you have questions or are unsure about the type of label and/or adhesive combination you require please CLICK HERE* or feel free to use our live chat, email or call us on 0845 601 5942.


Min. Application Temp.

Service Temp. (Min-Max)




-20°C - +80°C

Food Contact (ISEGA)



-30°C - +70°C

Food Contact (ISEGA)



-40°C - +80°C

Food Contact (ISEGA)


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